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that's more binge-able
than Netflix

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Storytelling Content Mini Course

Our BEST-SELLING course to help you write binge-able content through storytelling.

Binge-Able Carousel Design Templates

Professionally designedΒ toΒ attract people to spend hours reading your carousels.




πŸ’Έ $399Β πŸ’Έ


This is Lia.
Scrolling on Instagram.

Your content
catches her eyes.

1 hour later:
Lia is still on your profile,
binging your content.

Looks like Lia is now
interested in your business!

This can be your reality.

If your content is binge-able,
your business becomes irresistible.

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The Bundle

Storytelling Content Mini Course  +  Binge-Able Carousel Templates

W H A T    Y O U ' L L    G E T
0 1

Content Writing

A 16-minute lesson about my 6-step storytelling framework.

0 2


Easy-to-follow writing guidelines from the framework.

0 3

100+ Storytelling Content Writing

Fill-in-the-blanks templates.
1 content only takes 5 minutes to write.


0 4

6 Packs of
Carousel Design

Professionally-designed based on storyteller characters.

Each pack has;
Cover - Body - Closing.
Font + Color Pairing Cheat Sheets.
Uncolored Version.
3 Cover Design Variations.
Sample Content.


0 5

Design explanation + tutorial.

A quick video where I explain the design theory behind the templates, and how to use them.


All this for only:


πŸ’Έ $399 πŸ’Έ


How to use this product:

Step 01

Watch the 16-minute video about my 6-Step Storytelling Framework.

Step 02

Use the framework to write your content copy using the guidelines on Notion.

Step 03

Copy and paste your content copy into your chosen carousel design template on Canva.


Your content is ready!


If you run out of ideas:
You have 100+ plug-and-play content templates ready for you.

If you need examples:
You can see a video of me writing content for various industry.


It's as easy as that.

$950  πŸ’Έ $399 πŸ’Έ

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This is what I mean by binge-able content:

Want your content to be like this too?

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This bundle is best for you,
if you want...


  • People spending hours scrolling your content πŸ‘€

    Because, "Gosh, it's so addicting." 
  • To create binge-able content fast & easy πŸ„πŸ»‍♀️

    Goodbye confusion, creative blocks, and 5 hours creation process. You can now create sexy content in 10 minutes.
  • Your content to help your marketing πŸ’°

    "I relate so much with this content. Let me check out what they offer." — Dream Clients

  • To have an all-in product βœ”️

     It's not just a course.
    It's not just a template.
    It's both.
    It's everything you need to create content.



This course works best for service-based businesses, especially if you're selling knowledge or skill.



  • πŸ’Έ 2 product for 1 price.

    You get an online course + design templates.

  • πŸ’° Good content = good sales.
    Read content -> Click profile -> Click your website. 
  • πŸ’― This helped me grew 140k+ followers.
    It’s proven.
    And it will work.

  • 🀯 Small investment for big return.

    If your offer is $500 and you land a client from your content, this bundle is already paid off.

  • πŸ”„ Pay once. Get updates forever.

    $399 for a lifetime's worth of knowledge.
    Is this even real?

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Success stories from the mini course:


πŸ’Έ $399 πŸ’Έ

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G E T    I N S I D E

The Bundle


 Storytelling Content Mini Course + Binge-Able Carousel Templates


⚑️ $399 ⚑️

FROM $950

Storytelling Content Mini Course

  • 6-step storytelling framework
  • Storytelling writing guidelines
  • 100+ storytelling content templates
  • Content writing demo (screen recorded)
  • Lifetime updates


 Binge-Able Carousel Templates

  • 6 packs of carousel design templates
  • Font + color pairing cheat sheet
  • Sample content for various niches
 M E E T   T H E   G U I D E

Hi, I'm Amanda from Storytale.


I've been writing stories for 14 years.

From cringy princess stories when I was 11, to marketing stories for Forbes-featured businesses.

Storytelling has become my signature style.

And that is exactly what made me grew 100k followers in just 3 months.

And 100x my income.

Storytelling makes your content becomes binge-able.

And if your content is bingeable,
your business will be irresistible.

What they say about the mini course:


πŸ’Έ $399 πŸ’Έ

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150,000+ people have trusted Storytale to learn about content creation.

Just one click,
and your content can be more addicting than Netflix.

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